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Persian Sustainable Energy Spreader Company, Provider of SEW, Drager, Mahle, ABB products in Iran

In the present era and consistent with the construction arena and economic development and implementing infrastructural projects in Iran and the great need to industrial equipments, we have established a company with the aim of offering technical, engineering, and business services.
In this respect, in order to supply the target market and to provide consumable and structural necessities, after one decade activity in the field of providing the required products of this industry from domestic and foreign resources and after obtaining a brilliant record in the field of cooperating with the top producers of this industry, we have succeeded to obtain numerous representatives of European and Asian countries, so that by making the distance between production and consumption as short as possible, play our share in making this industry more productive and making our beloved homeland, Iran, prosperous.

The presentable products of this company are:

  • Industrial furnaces and ovens, heating and cooling incubators, dryer cabinets
  • O-ring, stabilizer, rubber sheets, insulator floor coverings, extruded profiles
  • Drive, soft starter, electromotor, contactor and calibrator
  • Heating and cooling systems, electric heaters
  • Industrial valves and connectors

Partner brands

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International Activity

Persian Energy Gostar Company due to having offices in Germany, Canada and the United Arabic Emirates supply most of the required vital and professional products of oil, gas, petro-chemistry and power plant industries from the world’s top companies in the shortest time and with competitive price.


Persian Sustainable Energy Spreader Company A number of top foreign producer companies have recognized our company as their customer in Iran.
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